Partner Company: Rocktech Ventures LLC

Top- Ranked 100 Bed Healthcare facility in Dubai, UAE

Clemenceau Medical
Centre / Hospital

CMC in Dubai is a tertiary, state-of-the-art facility designed to offer the city one of the most innovative treatments and technologies available in the region. CMC Chief Marketing Officer took an initiative to hire web engineers to transform their existing.

The Goal

The goal is to provide highly skilled WordPress developers & DevOps Engineer who possess a deep understanding of both business and technology, enabling them to make swift and effective improvements to the system.

The Challenge

As a hospital, CMC team needs to update website offers, services, and doctors on a daily basis. They felt stuck with the Umbraco CMS,an ASP .Net framework(CMS). CMC marketing team was unable to do the edits on the website without the support of the agency. All the major and minor changes needs to be done from the agency side and turnaround time was not up to the mark. Lastly, CMO was concerned about the loading speed of the website which was more than 8 seconds.

The Impact

CMC & RK Engineers  

Rk-engineers migrate the website infrastructure to the WordPress CMS technology in 3-weeks time. Secondly, Engineers light code the website and helps them choosing the best hosting platform for fast performance. 

As a result, CMC (Clemenceau Medical Centre) was delighted with the swift and efficient manner in which the engineers took ownership of the platform and providing valuable feature. Now marketing team can easily edit all the things without any delay. Loading speed is less than 3 seconds. Last but not least, CMO really happy with the turnaround time of the engineers. 

Partner Since

March 2022

RK Engineers

Full Time Developer DevOps engineer

Time to Hire

2 Weeks