Partner Company: Rocktech Ventures LLC

ONC certified post-acute care Electronic Health Records system

Electronic Health Records System - DoctorNow

DoctorNow provides innovative EHR systems designed by providers, for providers. It is a provider-focused platform that reduces the pain points associated with traditional EHR systems. This platform offers seamless EHR operations, eliminating manual entry, and streamlining patient history, medications, and vital signs into your documentation and billing. With thousands of users, DoctorNow provides efficient, time- and effort-saving solutions.

The Goal

DoctorNow aimed to onboard highly skilled MEAN stack developers, a Technical Project Manager, a Backend Developer, and  QA Engineers, each possessing a comprehensive knowledge of business insights and technical expertise. This initiative aimed at strategically improving and refining the existing system into a more organized and streamlined platform for users.

The Challenge

DoctorNow faced two key challenges in optimizing operations: issues finding the quality of resources and the urgent need for hiring. The company aimed to expand its technical team but encountered difficulties finding competent resources. This urgent requirement of skilled professionals made it even harder to identify and hunt the right talent within the desired timeframe impacting their efficiency to enhance technical operations.

The Impact

DoctorNow & RK Engineers  

DoctorNow faced certain issues of documentation and other operational hurdles. The CEO of DoctorNow aimed to reduce the number of complaints on the DoctorNow App. DoctorNow Application is used by thousands of users and the team was receiving complaints regarding the functionality and performance. Despite these issues, RK Engineers substantially contributed to this goal by increasing operational efficiency by 80%, thereby ensuring smoother operations, improved efficiency, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Partner Since

March 2022

RK Engineers

Full Time Developer DevOps engineer

Time to Hire

2 Weeks