Partner Company: Rocktech Ventures LLC

Healthcare Solutions for Mobile & Remote Global Workforces

Xstreme MD

XstremeMD provides healthcare solutions for remote and on-site workforces around the world. With over 400 customers depending upon us, over 70,000 patients cared for, and numerous lives saved, we have proven to be a real game changer – saving lives and saving money

The Goal

The goal is to provide a highly skilled Ruby & Rails, React JS Engineer and, Project manager who possesses a deep understanding of both business and technology, enabling them to make swift and effective improvements to the system. To address this issue, XtremeMD approached our IT staff to identify potential cost-saving opportunities and develop strategies to implement them

The Challenge

XtremeMD wants to build its customized EMR system for patients. They approach multiple agencies for this purpose however the avg cost and timeline they were getting was around $1.5M one-time cost plus $200,000 per annum support fees. The timeframe was around 1 year approx. The CEO we really concerned with the cost and the timeline.


The Objective

The main objective of our engagement with XtremeMD was to analyze their current operations and identify areas where cost savings could be achieved without compromising product quality or customer satisfaction.

The Impact

Xtreme MD & RK Engineers  

ROR resource design is the complete architecture of the system. Manage integration with HL7 (Health Level Seven) to access to the USA patient database. The project manager streamlined the workload and define deadlines.

In the timeframe of 5 months, XtremeMd was able to launch a beta version of the EMR system.

Conclusion: Our IT Staff Augmentation firm successfully helped XtremeMD to achieve significant cost savings through a comprehensive analysis of their operations and the implementation of targeted strategies.

Partner Since

June 2021

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ROR Developer
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2 Weeks