Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai (CMC) is one of the leading-edge hospitals, passionate to deliver healthcare services to patients to help them with various health conditions. They are designed to offer patients with innovative treatments and technologies, in a safe and healthy environment. Rocktech has partnered with CMC Dubai to help them gain momentum in their transformational venture by augmenting and optimizing their workforce through our highly unique and talented solutions. In recent times, it is a big challenge to track down a contingent talent and the critical skills are becoming over the odds. Hence, our client required support for their recruitment cycle to ensure that the perfect candidates could be outsourced, without going over the budget.

Increase in Outsourcing Trends

It is estimated that by 2026 the global healthcare IT outsourcing market will grow to US$ 62.37 Billion, according to the “Market Research Engine” report. Approximately 75-80 percent of healthcare facilities choose healthcare IT outsourcing.

The IT outsourcing of healthcare software development companies can help prevent 80 % of medical bill errors that cost the loss of $125 billion every year.

Resources Outsourced:

3 Highly skilled and pre-vetted perfectly suitable developers augmented. Out of which, we provided them with 2 Front-end and 1 Back-end developer to help them with web development and maintenance issues. 

Outcomes Achieved:

  • Cost-Effective and Economical:

Rocktech helped CMC to develop lightweight website to tackle all their SEO concerns. There is no harm to say, one of the fastest website of Dubai Healthcare. We use a cost-effective method that can assist in saving significantly on the IT development cost of developing website infrastructure, the cost of hiring professionals, their training, and ultimately on deployment and pre-installation configuration costs.

We developed and deployed IT staff overseas for CMC Dubai that helped them reduce 70% costs, without compromising the productivity or quality of delivery.

  • Global Web Development Team

The availability of a talented resource on a worldwide scale is a further, very crucial issue. If you can only work with one business, your options for web/app development will be limited. Do medical facilities employ cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve their operations, patient data security, and patient experience? We have the option to leverage the globalization of talent by outsourcing software development services for the healthcare industry.

Getting teams together, assigning work, and then having them execute tasks doesn’t require extra time on your team’s part. The results are not extraordinary, and it is a tedious method of working.

  • Enhanced Productivity:

 By managing and handling all the website development and maintenance tasks, our developers have optimized efficiency and productivity for CMC Dubai. Every task is accomplished without any delay. We have provided them with a digital platform, that has raided the growth levels exponentially. There is a substantial increase in their revenues.

  • Improved Communication

By offering similar time zones, Rocktech offered a convenient way for the client to work simultaneously with offshore teams. Also, it enhanced communication within the company, allowing more complex projects to be completed efficiently. Our augmented team of developers is now part of the CMC’s team and works in collaboration to ensure their availability as per their needs for the successful execution of tasks.

  • Experienced and Flexible Team:

Due to the high expenses associated with employing, terminating employees, and setting up infrastructure, businesses can scale their teams up or down according to project demands through outsourcing. Additionally, it makes it easier to hire teams with experience who have worked with cutting-edge technology and are aware of what is required to make the website more patient-centric. Rocktech has provided CMC with a pool of talent that possess skills required to understand the detailed needs of healthcare organizations.

  • Quick-Turnaround Time:

The tasks are accomplished now in a short span of time. Our augmented team of web developers are agile and efficient to get the job done within a few hours. Time is the biggest factor for the success of any organization. Fast turnaround of projects cuts down the chances of cost overruns caused by any delays. Our systematic workflow ensures on-time delivery.

Wrapping Up

With our talent advisory and talent acquisition solutions, Rocktech assisted the CMC Medical Center Dubai in navigating its digital transformation journey successfully and is today a trusted staffing partner who continues to help them manage their workforce challenges. If you are looking to set up a dedicated team for your business connect with us.